The dressing of fat girls in summer

bestcurvydatingsitesAs the weather gets hotter and hotter, the woman in the streets try to wear a little less. They can expose themselves and have a cool equipment to go to the street. But for a fat girl, it is more annoying. How can it be cool and thin? The following is a small weave for the fat girl dress matching skills in summer.

How should a fat girl wear clothes? I think a lot of beautiful fat women are a little confused, and let alone fat's influence on the body, and even wear clothes. Especially in summer, good girls wear skirts and sling, but fat women is afraid to leak their meat. What should the fat girl pay attention to in summer dress matching? How to match it? How to dress? Here is the summer dressing for women.

A black blouse with a loose skirt

The chest full women can choose the upper part of the body is the Black Loose skirt type coat, takes the chest below the datum, the upper part is black, the next part is the gorgeous flower color. Black can make the chest visually contractive effect, not exaggerated exposure, the design of low breasts increase skin exposure, make the neck more slender, strengthen the upper body thin effect, the gorgeous color of the chest below can let people visually ignore the fat weight of the waist, and the black dull, no loss of the summer colourful. Gorgeous, loose style can cover the waist and buttocks of the fleshy, so that the whole is more thin.

Fitting blouse and pants collocation

Women with more fat in the waist can choose the upper part with a color lower part of the body of the body, the upper part of the color makes the clothes do not appear dull, and will also make the color of the skin more beautiful; the lower part of the black just contractions the waist, let the waist in the vision of a thin effect, the fitting style will not be too wide or too tight to the person. An unsuitable feeling.

Black waist skirt

This summer is more popular A style loose style, both comfortable and elegant, fat women in this type of clothing when wearing a bad match will be more fat, do not do well will be mistaken for pregnancy, ha ha. In fact, the fat women can be worn with the belt when wearing it, tie the belt in the cross section, then put it out, so it looks like the waist, and will not appear too overstaffed.

A skirt with a moderate length

A girl with a heavy body should not wear her skirt too short or too long. The length should be placed below her knees, and the length can just cover the weight of the thigh. Short skirts expose the fat on the legs. Too long will be given to people; the feeling of being short and fat. If you wear out the three sections of "upper and middle", it appears that you are naturally higher, that is, the upper body, skirt and stockings in different colors, it seems to produce a feeling of slender feeling.

In fact, China is now affected by the European and American trends, and the flesh and meat of the full body have more choices and skills in the dress collocation, which provides the reason for the fat women to dress up. Nowadays, many men are not only fond of slim girls, but full grown girls can also find their male gods. So fat women does not need to be inferiority complex, through the understanding of the above fat girl in the summer dress collocation skills, in the summer to choose the right clothes, master the dress collocation skills, believe that will make you more confident.


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